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Added by Proud Mimi

My daughter & her best friend were expecting around the same time, & both decided to breast feed. I heard about your Udderly Amazing Cookies, & thought we would give them a try! Best friend had her baby first, & said that after eating her tub of cookie dough (within 2 days!), she was having to freeze her milk!! Over abdunance!!! My daughter delivers her baby on a Friday, brings him home on Sunday, feeding him ever 60-90 minutes. She notices that there was "NOTHING" in his mouth, so I suggested that she try to express, which nothing came out. I told her to "eat, eat, eat that cookie dough" She said the dough was amazing!!! AND....later that same day, she went in to take a shower, & low & behold, she was producing!!!! My Grandson was 9 pounds at birth! You KNOW he'll need to eat like he mean's it!!!!
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