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Check out our many helpful notes and articles on breastfeeding:


Infant Stomach Size

Don't get discouraged at how little your baby eats.  See how small the infant stomach is.

Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

The effects of different foods on your breast milk.

Breast Compressions to Increase Milk Supply

See how to do breast compressions to increase your milk supply.

DIY Pumping Bra - A Must Have!!

Find out how to make your own pumping bra.

Coping With Low Milk Supply

How to cope with all the emotions involved in having a low milk supply.

What is Lecithin? Why should pumping moms use it?

How Lecithin helps pumping moms.

Sometimes Fussiness Is Allergy Related And Not Low Milk Supply

How to check whether a baby's fussiness is due to allergies instead of low milk supply.

“Failure to thrive” diagnosis leads to the creation of Udderly Amazing Goodies

How one mom's struggle to breastfeed lead to the creation of Udderly Amazing Goodies.


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